More students are choosing commerce every day: How did we help?

India is known as the hub of engineers and medical professionals. In 2016, close to 17% of all students chose the commerce field. The number for pure sciences, technology, and medicine was much higher. The reasons for this have been plenty, but the most common one has been job security. Commerce has always been a second option for most students.

This trend has seen a steady change as the years go by. 2018 saw a significant drop in the number of students appearing for JEE Main. According to a report by the Maharashtra State Board earlier this year, Commerce was the most popular stream amongst class 10 students at 21%.

Courses like CA, CS, and CMA coupled with graduate level courses like B.Com, BMS, BAF have been increasing in popularity. We at Toppr wanted to help students struggling with preparing for various Commerce courses. Which is why we recently launched in-depth videos, vast tests, and doubts on chat support for many such courses. As students subscribed to our platform, popular publications noticed our expertise in Commerce. They approached our team to write articles on their platform and spread the Commerce word to thousands of readers.

Our opinions on how Commerce is gaining popularity were covered by various publications like The Times of India and Deccan Chronicle.

We also spoke about choosing commerce as a career, cracking various exams and studying difficult courses. These articles were published in The Indian Express, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Amar Ujala.

These articles benefited students by giving them more information about various courses. They were also instrumental in making parents aware of the many career options available.

More students are choosing commerce every day: How did we help? was originally published in Toppr Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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