JEE Main 2018: 2x qualification rate and higher scores with Toppr

JEE Main 2018. It’s a big day, not just for every aspirant, but for all of us at Toppr. Over 11 lakh students appear for JEE Main every year and only 2 lakh qualify for JEE Advanced. This year, there was a marginal increase in the number of students who qualified for JEE Advanced. Out of the 11,35,000 students, 2,31,000 qualified for JEE Advanced, as compared to last year’s count of 2,20,000.

The results of JEE Main were declared on 30th April. We were as anxious about the results as more than 100,000 Toppr students who appeared for JEE Main 2018. It was close to impossible to analyse the performance of so many students, so we picked a representative sample of 3,318 students.

While the average qualification rate for JEE Advanced 2018 was 20%, 36% of Toppr students qualified for the exam. The qualification rate improves further upto 80% with repeated usage of Toppr.

Repeated usage of Toppr positively impacts student success

JEE Main qualification chances increased to 52% for the students who spent more than 9 months on Toppr and cleared the exam. This is more than 2.5x the average qualification rate of 20%.

Toppr usage

The exam scores improve to 1.5x of the average score, by using Toppr repeatedly for over 9 months.These students spend their time watching video lectures, reading concepts, practicing questions, attempting mock tests and getting their doubts solved.

Adaptive practice on Toppr improves score

The students who spend more time practicing, had a higher proportion of students who cleared the exam. Students who practiced more than 1,000 questions, had significantly higher chances of qualification with a much better score.

Questions practiced

Toppr can quadruple the chances of clearing JEE Main

80% Students who took more than 5 mock tests qualified JEE Main with an average score of over 120 marks. This is 4x the average qualification rate of 20% this year.

Tests taken

We’re helping students across India

With an internet connection, a device and personalised learning, we have seen our students from every state in India clear JEE Main with flying colours. Our students are across India in all kinds of cities, towns and villages. From Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat and from J&K to Kerala, our students have aced JEE Main 2018. Rajasthan topped the states with 55% qualification, followed by Telangana and Haryana at 47%.

Toppr students who appeared for JEE Main 2018

We’re truly democratising education in India

Our female students have also performed much better than the nationwide average. 30% of Toppr’s female students have cleared JEE Main against a national average of 17%.

What encourages us even more is the performance of students from the underprivileged sections of the Indian society. An astonishing 45% of the these students have cleared JEE Main 2018!

When we look at the number of students across ranks, more students secured better ranks.

Armed with technology, we are able to meet the needs of every one of them, irrespective of their geographical location, caste or gender.

JEE Main and Advanced are among the toughest exams in the world. This year’s results have made us proud of our students and encouraged us to make a difference to many more in the coming future. We want to bring our personalised approach to learning to students across the globe and impact every student’s academic success year after year. We won’t stop, till we’ve helped every student reach their desired academic goal.

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